PURLs - Integrating Print to Web
Web-Based Personal URL and Campaign Tracking System

Web-Based Personalized URL offers engagement and communication with a prospect.
This vendor-hosted platform allows marketers to create a customized online response experience to gather data intelligence. 

• Allows more effective and targeted repeat marketing efforts to a  prospect
• Improved response rates via direct mail/email/SMS Text
• Greater conversion from prospect to customer
• Email or SMS/Text notification based on prospect click through give  you an edge with follow up.
• Achieves a measurable return on a marketing investment.

Case Study:  A Vet clinic that we worked with serves all types of pets.  We were able to gather information and determine how many pets a prospect had, was there a preference to dogs or cats, what was the pet’s name, were they interested in standard vet services, grooming services, pet resorts or doggie day spas.  This information allowed the client to target their future marketing efforts to achieve a higher response rate and ultimately a stronger ROI.  Smart Marketing from Marketing Intelligence by Print2Promote.

Personalized Promotional Piece
Create personalized direct mail communications that speak directly to the unique needs of each prospect.
Personalized Landing Page / Microsite
Develop tailored web pages that are designed to create a distinct user experience for each user.
Real-time Comprehensive Reporting
Immediate notifications of web site visits and click-throughs. Detailed tracking statistical breakdowns.